June 30- July 4

This week at the ESL garden, the harvest began. Excitedly, the first batch of lettuce was handed off to Campus Kitchens to turn into a beautiful salad. Also, a lot of garlic scapes, some parsley, basil and kale were picked.
During this part of the summer, the main tasks consist of watering and weeding. As I was weeding the tomato plants, I found something that added an interesting twist to my day. I found Colorado potato bugs (around 30) on the tomato plants, not the potato plants. Beside the bugs, the tomato plants are doing great and we have even started pruning the lower small stems so as to make sure the plant puts all its effort into the tomatoes and to help prevent blight.
Interesting facts of the week provided by Carrie Johns include:
-Hawthorn berries can lower cholesterol
-Beet greens are edible
-Picking dead flower heads off of marigolds helps to make the plants bushier


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